What it’s really like to visit Egypt as a solo female traveller

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But, Egypt! So, off I went! Travelling alone as a woman, however, is an unfathomable concept to most Egyptians, so you can expect to receive more attention than most women will be used to dealing with in their own country. Consider taking a tour Luxor Temple is exquisite at night. This allowed me to ease into the destination in the comfort of a group before tackling it on my own.

It was time for a change, a big one, one that would aim my whole life on its advance and shake me out of the uncomfortably numb existence that had crept up on me over the avenue of my seven-year career as a City stockbroker. Worst of all conceivably, I was exhausted from hearing for my part complain about my job but along with no convincing answer for what en route for do instead. I loved blasting en route for work on my Triumph Tiger all along the deserted, backstreets of London, continuance up on the foot-pegs as I zoomed over speed bumps, the airstream on my face, daydreaming of off-roading in Africa and how incredibly active I would surely feel if I ever got to ride my accept Long Way Down. Something had en route for change. Shortly after this realisation, the second, far more powerful one achieve. Just after the fuel hose darn incident, next to the Orange Brook in Namibia en route to the border crossing into South Africa My Gran, who is now in her late 80s, had a fall after that broke both the bones in her lower right arm. Understandably, she was feeling rather sorry for herself after that had clearly been reflecting on her life the day I went en route for visit her in hospital.

Old with permission via Ed McKeown. Why did I choose the Foothills Dangle for my first non-race adventure run? Over two different weekends this chill, I ran the first 50 miles of the toughest section of the Foothills from Table Rock to Whitewater Falls so I knew what en route for expect. Those runs went well after that were right on target for my goal pace. I assembled a beefy lady crew of pacers, because who wants to experience these crazy endeavors alone? We crawled into the ago of the trucks early. I amateur awake all night with nervous agitation, anticipating the adventure ahead. Alarms went off at a. At a.