Adoptable Dogs

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The Brittany originated in the Brittany region of northwestern France, and was depicted in paintings as early as the 17th century. While not large in stature, Brittanys have the speed and agility to cover a lot of ground. They are a tough and durable breed with skin and coat built to resist punctures and tears in thick cover. Tri-colors are also found as liver and white dogs with orange markings on eyebrows, muzzle, cheeks and under the tail.

Laverne Meet Laverne!!! At 20 lbs, she's small sweet, affectionate, loves her walks, and loves to cuddle. Laverne bidding thrive in a home with erstwhile dogs and gentle children. I am from Tennesse and love it at this juncture in New York and adjusted actual well to all the hustle after that bustle My foster Mom says I am the sweetest, smartest, and finest little boy.

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