Makeup for Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair

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Close Republish this article We believe in the free flow of information. Read the original article. Professor Mark Elgar For every people in the world, only one or two will have red hair. And when you meet a red head with blue eyes, you are looking at the rarest colour combination of all for human beings. The odds of having both red hair and blue eyes sits at around 0. Picture: Shutterstock Around 17 per cent of people have blue eyes, and when combined with per cent having red hairthe odds of having both traits are around 0. So with numbers this low, could redheads with blue eyes actually go extinct? The reason these looks are so unusual is because they are the result of two different sets of DNA instructions, or mutations, happening in the same person, explains Professor Mark Elgar, an evolutionary biologist from the University of Melbourne. In contrast, brown hair and brown eyes are dominant traits, which is why they are much more prevalent.

Flickering violet Midnight blue Bright eye shadows are a great way to appeal to attention to your blue eyes after that require little other makeup to accomplish a major impact. Another lesser-known although worthy makeup trend that works attractively on blondes is white eyeliner. After lined on the upper lid after that paired with sheer white cream discernment shadow and black mascara, blondes be able to capture that white-eyed retro look so as to made Twiggy famous. For bold blusher choices, go straight for the boil gum pinks and glossy rose tones. Complement Your Coloring Not every blonde-haired blue-eyed woman has the same block in of hair and the same casing tone. If you really want en route for play up your natural coloring after that skin tone there are a a small amount of extra tips you can apply en route for really enhance your features.