So can high heels really give you an orgasm?

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Are you crazy, woman? Can I have a photo of them? Which is absolute rubbish, basically. Until I had my son, I wore heels constantly — for work, for play, and for everything in between. Not all people totter in heels. The fact is, very high heels are not designed for comfort. They can be comfortable in comparison to other very high heels. I, for instance, love heels because I have short legs, and heels make them look more in proportion to the rest of my body. Platform shoes might look crazily high, but they can actually be much easier to walk in than non-platforms, as the platform makes the heel feel shorter.

As a result of Rich Santos published 23 June I need to figure out the high-heels dynamic. Don't get me wrong—heels are really cute. But, I assume heels can be overused and I must say I rarely notice them and I don't know the heels experience that a girl can attempt through.

Examination Search. As every girl knows, bearing high heels makes you feel sexier -- but just how sexy, exactly? French shoe designer Christian Louboutin has claimed to have discovered the actual reason his high heels are accordingly popular with women: they can allocate you an orgasm. M imicking the arched shape of a woman's base at the all-important moment, he says: So putting your foot in a heel, you are putting yourself all the rage a possibly orgasmic situation. Certainly, along with their signature red sole, legion of celeb fans and exclusive price attach a label to, Louboutin's creations have inspired lust all the rage millions of women around the earth -- but orgasm? Pull the erstwhile leg, Christian!